Friday, June 20, 2008


Really?? Two months since I've posted? Blogger is still if-ffy about letting me sign in, and I promise I am working out my email issue..slowly.
At the very moment BOTH kiddos are sleeping...ahh silence. So I have a moment to think.
Really?? Rilyn will be 8 months soon? Still only about 15 or so lbs. But she is getting a bit chunky! She is still having gas/tummy issues and hopefully next month we can get some allergy tests to find out what the problem is!!

Really?? My baby boy is three years old?? His birthday was last month and he is every bit of "THREE". Not much else to report about him, he's just busy being a big brother and a three year old.

I've got a new business idea, ok stop laughing. I need to do a bit more research but I think this could be a lot of fun, I really do think it could be profitable. This is my trouble finding something fun and profitable. More on my ideas a little later. Maybe I'll even update next week!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blog Madness and stuff....

So I really do want to keep up with this blog but the universe is against me at the moment! As many of you already know I am having some email "issues" (well call them). My email keeps bouncing saying my "box is full" when It's clearly not. I have determined this is an issue with my webhost Startlogic, but haven't been able to get it straight. And to further my "issues" now when I try to log into Blogger using my email address it sometimes (most times) tells me "That email is invalid" !@#$
But I am here now...updating.
Rilyn and I are going on 3 weeks with NO milk, cheese, or cows milk dairy of any sort. (except chocolate which doesn't seem to affect her ;) ) Somedays I think it's working others I am not so sure. I bought a can of the Hypoallergenic Formula today because I think she is still hungry most of the time. And this weekend sometime I am going to try and give her some regular formula and see if it upsets her stomach...then I should know the verdict. It's not easy or fun to give up Ice cream, and cream cheese, and cheese, and sour cream, and milk. Not fun at all. It is funny the things we will do for our children that we cannot or will not do for ourselves.
Tanner is every bit of two years old and showing it a lot lately. The good the bad and the ugly. His funny of the day yesterday:
First thing in the AM:
Me: Tanner today is cleaning day! Do you want to help?
T: Yes, tleaning day, tan I help?
Me: Yes
T: tan I wipe?
Me: Yes, after you pick up those blocks
T: Tleaning day is boring.

track. me. up. ;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Picture Taking fool...

So this 30 day challenge to take a picture a day is "over" but I'm not done. Oh no. I think I might just keep it up for a while. I have learned so much just from taking out my camera almost daily. I know I havent posted them as I promised, but I do have to say, If you come visit this little blog, leave me a comment so I know. I am much more likely to keep it updated if I know that people are looking. ;) Even if your family, I am doing this for you guys so let me know your here!! I got some really great shots of the kids the other day and I can't stop scrapbooking them. Have a look....
And a few of them that I haven't scrapped (yet) but are my favorites as well.
Aren't they photogenic?!?! If you are interested there are more scrap pages posted over at DesignerDigitals (link on the right).
On another note, Tanner is about over his Strep and Rilyn must be cutting teeth finally, she's been a bear for 3 days now. Easter weekend was full of family and love (and grumpy sick kids) as it should be right?!? Remember...leave me a comment!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Yep, that's me. I've decided that while taking a photo a day is a great idea, (and has been fun). Until I find an easier way (ie. quicker and possibly one handed) to post them , I am going to let myself off the (daily) hook. I will still be snapping, Just posting whenever I get a chance. I will try to update the Flickr gallery though. It's just the uploading, resizing, posting here, posting there, it takes too many hands and too much time. Ok I'm done complaining.

We went to the TB Lighting game last Friday night. SO fun! 3rd row, up close to the ice! It was nice to be with my girlfriends and my hubby sans kids for an evening! Kicked myself for not bringing my camera to that. I did almost lose my voice, but as Lisa says, if you lose your voice over a sport, it's just OK.

Funny of the day. I have decided to post a funny of the day...Since I know my family loves to hear how funny Tanner can be and someday I will want to look back and remember them. (thanks to Jessica Sprague for the idea)
Today I was on the phone with my mom and I had asked Tanner about 4 times to stop doing whatever it was he was doing (something he wasn't suposed to be doing, naturally) And I got up out of my chair to go make him stop and he stops. waves his hands at me. and says "No, no, no Mommy, Be nice."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scrap Pages

At the request of a friend I will start posting my layouts here too. (ok I will try it) If It becomes a pain and I stop just know you can see them all posted at The link to my gallery is on the right!

Monday, Monday and Tuesday

Isn't she the sweetest? This was taken at 9:45 am monday. She slept long after Tanner and I got up. Most babies are on their first nap by 9:30. I think she may have inherited my sleep gene. Make no mistake though, she is still up every 3 hours at night. That's enough to make her sleep in, eh?
And this photo taken as Tanner was playing outside. He snuck in a grabbed my Laundry basket so he could use it as a boat. Don't you see the oars? Manual mode is MUCH easier outside I have noticed. This one is a bit underexposed I think but it's better. He got his hair cut today finally so we will post some pictures of that tomorrow! I am off to figure out how to post these to the Flickr group. If you haven't checked that out you should! The randomness of photos is fun and the talent of this group is great! There is a link on the right to get there! And if any of you want to join in please do!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

POTD Sunday

So Sunday Ronnie worked on our garden and I cleaned house. This is the beginning of a beautiful thing!!!